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About Me:

Cautionary note: This site is fairly old. For documentational purposes
you can read here what I did several years ago and before that...
(Newer stuff may follow someday.)

I'm studying Philosophy, Literature and Linguistics in Stuttgart, Germany.
Prior to that, I've studied Computer Science for three semesters.

I've gone to a Waldorf School, actually even to the first Waldorf School in
the world, the Uhlandshöhe, in Stuttgart.
I have been lucky enough to be able to return to the Uhlandshöhe,
currently teaching Computer Science and (Projective) Geometry there
alongside my regular studies.


I'm absolutely fascinated by the Free Software movement, and very happy
that I'm able to contribute at least a tiny bit to it. (If you're still unsure about
Free Software and Open Source and their long-term viability you might have
a look at this essay).

If you're interested in P2P technologies you might want to take a look at XNap,
a plugin-based P2P framework and client, which I co-developed together
with two friends, Steffen and Felix.

You might also take a look at the website of beldesign , a small company I
co-founded some years ago which offers webdesign and programming services.